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We believe that reading changes lives.  We aim to empower students and teachers to become independent, effective information seekers who love reading for both information and pleasure.

Resources for TEACHERS to Use During School Closure

Here are a few YouTube videos we have created to help you use digital resources to teach remotely.

How to create a QuickTime Player Video:

How to post videos on your YouTube Channel:

How to use the "disussion" feature on your YouTube channel to answer student questions:

How to find non-fiction ebooks using our Gale Resources Database:

Gale Database Research Tips and Tricks:


Resources for STUDENTS to Use During School Closure

AR Testing from home

We are now set up to AR test at home.

- Go to: to access the Renaissance sign-in page.
- Students will use their regular username and password.
- Mrs. Hunsaker has opened up the time restrictions so that they can test at more convenient times.
To access quiz numbers for all AR books:
- A "Quick Search" by title will work for most books you are looking for
- Choose "Advanced Search" to find specific non-fiction books and make sure you also list the author of the book

Looking for Reading Material?

Non-fiction Resources

  • Gale Resources Database:
    • the password to Gale Databases is: library
  • If you access our Gale Databases (see above link), there are thousands of non-fiction articles on every subject.
  • World Book Online- This site has a myriad of activities, articles, pictures and videos for student use
    • www.worldbookonline -
      School ID’s
      The password for all five schools is: research
  • myON: digital library and news articles

Fiction Resources

  • Tumble Books: This resource has been made available to us through our Lincoln County Public Libraries
  • If you have a library card through the Public Library, there are 3 different digital options to choose from: rbdigital, Overdrive or CloudLibrary.  Please visit any public library website to learn more:
  • EPIC - Is offering free access to students and teachers through June 30, 2020
    • click on "Students & Educators"
    • enter the class code given to you by your teacher (if you don't have a class code, please contact your teacher)
    • click "go"
    • now you have access to hundreds of books.
  • JUNIOR LIBRARY GUILD - Most of these books will have AR quizzes, but if you want to check, go to to look it up.
    • Enter the school-level book stream of your choice:
      • Elementary Username: JLGELM  Password: JLGFREE
      • Middle School Username: JLGMID  Password: JLGFREE
  • Audible: for as long as schools are closed, audible is open.  Try these audible books for free!

Library Staff

Katie Thygerson

I have loved books and reading since... always!  I began my library career as a 5th grade library helper at Ator Elementary in Oklahoma.  In my teens I volunteered at the local public library, then went on to work at both the university library and an independent bookstore in college.  I have a degree in Theater Education with an English/Language Arts endorsement.  I was a sassy-pants middle school drama teacher before staying home with 4 kids and home-schooling for 7 years.  Now I'm delighted to be back in the library helping more kids discover their next favorite book (or find their first favorite!) and offering hugs, high fives, and candy when needed. When I'm not reading, I’m probably twirling around my house, singing along with my current favorite Broadway musical.