Star Valley Middle School Library

Life is an adventure.
Sometimes it's fun, sometimes a challenge and sometimes a downright trudge.  At the SVMS library, we try to make a difference in the lives of our students by creating a space where students come to engage with the adventure of learning.  We do this by offering new challenges and programs designed to create a love of learning.  We like to see ourselves as the testing zone for any kind of new and exciting educational experience.

Right now, during COVID-19, even though you can't be in the library, you can still go on an adventure inside the pages of a book!

Resources for TEACHERS to Use During School Closure

Here are a few YouTube videos we have created to help you use digital resources to teach remotely.

How to create a QuickTime Player Video:

How to post videos on your YouTube Channel:

How to use the "disussion" feature on your YouTube channel to answer student questions:

How to find non-fiction ebooks using our Gale Resources Database:

Gale Database Research Tips and Tricks:


Defined Learning: Project-based Learning

We have been piloting this program, in the library for the past 2 months, it is fantastic.  It is a Project-based teaching platform that is easy to use and has all the resources attached.  If our "social distancing" ends up taking longer than expected, this may be a great tool to use.  All projects are STEM related and allow a student to see a problem through a career-type lens.

How to access this program:

Finding your project:


Assign and Share:

Evaluating and Assessing Student Work:

Creating your Class:

Student Perspective:

Teacher Groups:


Reading Resources for STUDENTS

AR Testing from home

We are now set up to AR test at home. 

- Go to: to access the Renaissance sign-in page.
- Students will use their regular username and password.
- Mrs. Hunsaker has opened up the time restrictions so that they can test at more convenient times.
To access quiz numbers for all AR books:
- A "Quick Search" by title will work for most books you are looking for
- Choose "Advanced Search" to find specific non-fiction books and make sure you also list the author of the book

Looking for Reading Material?

Non-fiction Resources

Fiction Resources

Library Staff

Maggon Osmond

I love adventures of every kind!  Nearly everyday I open a book to enter a new adventure.  I crave these adventures and can't wait to see what else I can experience.  My favorite kind of adventures are those I get to see with my own eyes.  Traveling to places I have already discovered in books, is a thrill I try to repeat often.  My current adventure as the District Librarian is helping the kids at Lincoln County School District embark on their own epic adventures!

Ashlee Neuenschwander

I love adventure of any kind, whether I find it in the pages of the latest book I’m reading or in my real life! Reading, traveling and spending time with my family are some of my favorite things.  I love working in the library at SVMS, it is an adventure everyday!