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There are thousands of non-fiction articles on every subject in our Gale Resource Library.

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Defined Learning: Project-based Learning

We have been piloting this program, in the library for the past 2 months, it is fantastic. It is a Project-based teaching platform that is easy to use and has all the resources attached. If our “social distancing” ends up taking longer than expected, this may be a great tool to use. All projects are STEM related and allow a student to see a problem through a career-type lens.

Library Staff

Stephanie Suloff

I have been working at the High School Library for 11 years.  I love the books, and love the students even more. My favorite things to do are: going camping, reading, (especially while camping), and crocheting.  I love to tole paint and craft. Recently I have been learning to decorate cookies. I am a big fan of Star Valley Sports. Most of my time is spent with my grandchildren. They keep me young.